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Inspection Services

Our engineers are experienced with all types of residential construction and can identify major and minor defects within the structure. In addition to our experience, you will get an independent, objective evaluation in written format of the overall condition of the structure, without any connection to specific products, processes, or canned solutions. We have saved our clients thousands of dollars in unnecessary repair costs. All of our engineering reports come with our stamp of approval.

Inspections Foundations


  • The foundation of existing buildings represents the majority of
    inspections we do, whether for property owners, or individuals with a vested interest in buy-sell transactions, or as directed by local building authorities.
  • We inspect all foundation types, including basements, crawlspaces, slab-on-grade, pier and beam, regardless of the age of the building.
  • We are knowledgeable in all foundation materials, including concrete, masonry, stone, wood, steel.
  • Our inspections are primarily visual, with appropriate laser
    measurements to determine severity of conditions. No destructive methods are employed.
  • We evaluate the foundation for overall safety concerns to occupants.
  • When necessary, we apply the most cost-effective solutions for repairs and improvements, to maximize property value and safety.
Sark Associates Inspections Floors Roofs


  • We can also inspect the floor and roof structure of an existing building, as well as load-bearing walls for all types of construction.
  • Most damages are caused by water, fire, wind, tradesmen, and/or prior modifications to the structure.
  • We will identify the severity of damage to these structures and apply appropriate repair procedures to maximize the safety of occupants while minimizing disruption to the existing layout.


  • These structures are typically exposed to all forms of weather, or underdesigned for the intended usage, which can lead to significant failures.
  • In many cases these are constructed without permission from local building officials, or to bare minimum code requirements.
  • We will evaluate and identify defects within the structure and provide appropriate repair solutions to allow the structure to be used safely.

Insurance Claims

  • Our engineers can evaluate the structure of a building that has sustained damages covered by insurance.
  • We will gather as much evidence onsite, as well as from your own history of events, to formulate a detailed technical report to support or counter a claim.

Manufactured Homes

  • We provide foundation certification reports for manufactured homes on private property.
  • These are typically required by most lenders for purchase or refinance mortgages.
  • The engineer is to verify the house is affixed to the property as published in the HUD Permanent Foundation Guideline, dated 1996.
  • We are familiar with all forms of permanent foundations used for manufactured homes.

Certifications Reports

  • Our engineers can provide certification of prior structural repairs and/or modifications as may be directed by local building authorities, or as a third-party inspection.
  • Our reports will verify a repair or modification to the structure was completed to the required minimum building code or that the repair is structurally sound.
  • In cases where we cannot certify the repair or modification, we will offer solutions that can be implemented in the most effective and economical manner.