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Remodeling • New Construction • Consultation

Design Services

Whether you are modifying an existing building or in a new construction project, it is advisable to consult with a licensed structural engineer prior to finalizing the plans. This step will help determine if your project is structurally sound while staying within your intended budget. In many cases you will be required to submit plans approved or generated by a licensed engineer, based on your local permitting obligations.

Sark Associates Bearing Wall

Remodeling/Load Bearing Walls

  • Most common remodel is to create an open layout concept by removing or relocating load-bearing walls.
  • Process begins with a site visit or review of your plans.
  • Determine parameters and loads, and design solutions to reinforce the existing structures.
  • Create drawings or written reports with design specifications with engineers’ seal of approval.
  • Documents can be shared with construction professionals and submitted to building authorities for permitting obligations.
Sark Associates Additions


  • Adding square footage vertically or horizontally, or combining with other remodeling plans.
  • Evaluating the existing structure for capacity to support added weight.
  • Review your plans, or create our own designs and drawings from your input.
  • Our drawings have engineers’ seal of approval, your drawings sealed as required.
  • Documents can be shared with construction professionals and submitted to building authorities for permitting obligations.

Sark Associates Sunrooms Enclosures


  • Stick-built or modular construction built on existing or new foundations.
  • Review your plans and structural requirements, including evaluating the existing structure for capacity to support added weight.
  • Design new foundations as necessary.
  • Create and seal drawings as necessary, for construction professionals and local building authorities for permitting requirements.
Sark Associates Foundations


  • We can design all types of foundations for your new construction house, garage, addition, deck, or other structure, in all types of soil conditions.
  • Foundation design is typically influenced by results of soil tests
    completed by others.
  • The most common forms of foundation are strip footings, trench
    footings, pad footings, turned-down slabs, post and beam, and grade beams with pilings or helical piers.
  • We provide sealed detailed drawings with all specifications of the
    foundation system based on soil and design parameters provided by the client or associated professionals.

Plan Reviews

  • For Architects, Designers, Contractors, and Homeowners with
    construction plans, our engineers can provide a comprehensive review of the structural details.
  • Our review includes full engineering analysis of your specifications, redline markup, and engineers’ seal applied to all applicable drawing sheets.
  • Our reviews are commonly required by local building authorities to secure a building permit.

Floors & Roofs

  • In cases where remodel projects include modifications to floor and/or roof framing, we can provide engineering solutions to meet the objectives.
  • The majority of these designs are for requests to change a flat ceiling to cathedral or vaulted type, or to add space to an attic.
  • These designs apply to stick framing and truss construction.
  • Sealed drawings are provided, that can be used by construction professionals and approved by building authorities.
Sark Associates Repair Plans

Repair Plans

  • Repair plans are typically required for settled or buckled foundations, broken or weak floor and roof framing.
  • Engineered solutions are provided on a sealed drawing, which can be submitted to contractors for bid and execution, and to local building authorities for permit approvals and inspections.