About Sark & Associates

Our firm has sealed on average over 300 engineering reports and drawings annually over the past nine years, covering all phases of residential & light commercial property. If you are involved in these types of properties in any capacity, chances are we can provide a service to you. Here are some examples of our typical client:

  • Renovating an existing house or small building
  • Obtaining a mortgage
  • Concern about an existing foundation or other structural condition
  • Verifying or creating foundation repair plans
  • Involved in a property damage insurance claim
  • Reviewing drawings/plans for a new or existing house or building
  • Buying or selling a house or building
  • Trying to reduce energy usage and utility bills

At this time, ALL services are provided in the metro Detroit area, including Oakland, Wayne, Macomb, Washtenaw, Livingston, and parts of Genessee counties. Design and plan review services are available to all of Michigan, and the several states listed on our Contact page. This requires your plans or sketches, as no site visit can be made.

We are proud to offer a diverse portfolio of services. Using sound engineering principles and common sense judgment we will provide you with a completely independent opinion or recommendation without connection to any product, process, or entity. You will be satisfied with our professionalism and dedication to meeting your objectives.

We look forward to working with you!